Mr. Cricket Tipster’s Cricket Betting Markets For Dummies

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Mr. Cricket Tipster’s Cricket Betting Markets for Dummies

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As mentioned previously in one of the “My Thoughts on My Blog” article, I am starting with a Series called Cricket Betting Markets for Dummies.

I have explained many of these things verbally over years to many people. I wanted to save some time by writing these instructions, so that people can come and read it whenever they want. Also it will reach a broader audience.

As my blog is about providing tips on Cricket Matches, I think most of my audience understands Cricket rules and the Markets better. But, for this Dummies series I would be assuming that, one understands the Rules of Cricket (And English of course 🙂 ) but not the Cricket Betting Markets.

I broadly categorize the Cricket Punters into 4 categories.
1. Has no understanding of Cricket also do not understand the Cricket betting markets
2. Understands the Game of Cricket but do not understand the Cricket betting markets
3. Understands both, but avoids specific markets because it’s hard for them to interpret its working
4. Experts in Betting on other sports except Cricket

For Category 1 Punters I will be writing another Series called “Cricket for Dummies”, where I would be writing about the Rules and Jargons used in Cricket. But it will take some time. So please bear with me.

Additionally, these articles will help the punters who are new to online betting. 

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